Press Release

Jon Crawford Secures the Endorsement of St. Helena Vice Mayor Paul Dohring

July 23, 2021

Napa, CA –  Undersheriff Jon Crawford (ret.) announced today that he has secured the endorsement of St. Helena Vice Mayor Paul Dohring, in the race for Napa County Sheriff in 2022.

Vice Mayor Dohring explained his endorsement, stating “The wisdom to navigate us through heightened societal expectations and the evolving role of law enforcement. The courage to set a high bar for those he leads. The laser focus on maintaining our safety. The experience to respond to recurring local emergencies. The willingness to fully embrace the role of public servant. This is what we get with Jon Crawford, and this is why I am proud to support his candidacy for Sheriff.”

Jon Crawford has a long track record of dutifully serving St. Helena and the North Valley– beginning as a deputy covering the North Valley beat and continuously taking on leadership positions in the community throughout his career.

After working in the north state for several years, Jon began working for the Napa County Sheriff’s Department in 1998. Jon worked his way up the ranks, overseeing the Community Services Bureau, Investigations Bureau, and operations in the Town of Yountville. For the past three years, Jon oversaw the day-to-day operations of the department as Undersheriff.

North Valley community leaders have rallied around Jon’s campaign for Sheriff. In addition to Vice Mayor Dohring, St. Helena Councilmember Lester Hardy, St. Helena Police Chief Chris Hartley and Calistoga Police Chief Mitch Celaya have announced their support for Jon’s campaign.

Crawford is running for Napa County Sheriff in the 2022 Primary Election. For a full list of endorsements and more information, visit