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Letter: Crawford is Creative, Compassionate, Smart

Yountville Sun | August 26, 2021

Jon is that rare combination of smarts, compassion, character, wit and creativity. He leads by example, inspiration and motivation.  His starting – and ending — point is always “what’s the right thing to do?”

I met Jon in Leadership Napa Valley, Class 32, and was a member of his small group.  He immediately emerged as a leader, of both our group and the Class.

Our very first conversation established how important it is to him to serve and protect his community.  Not only in the sense of keeping “law and order,” but by supporting and lifting those who need that extra bit of help and empathy to turn their situation for the better.

Jon’s experience and insight were key to our group’s decision to create and introduce the “Napa Neighbor Network,” a program designed to synergize law enforcement, other first responders, local governments, and our citizenry.  Jon’s knowledge of a broad range of issues – from mental health needs to all facets of best-practices policing — was invaluable to the project, and he worked to share our idea across the County.  One result:  the “Yountville Neighbor Network” is ongoing here in Yountville, most recently having connected neighbors in need with much-needed assistance during the pandemic.  A valuable, viable program growing from a seed Jon helped plant.

Jon’s word is truly his bond.  He is skilled in saying the hard things in a positive way, and is a consummate consensus builder.  He is solid in his beliefs and his commitments, but is by no means rigid and is always respectful of others’ positions.  He navigates difficult situations with strength, empathy, intellect and grace.

All of this is to say that Jon Crawford is the right Sheriff for our County.  Born and raised here, his love and respect for and his knowledge of our community runs deep, and every day he consciously, consistently and conscientiously serves and protects us as his life’s work and calling.

It’s not too early to be thinking about the future of our County, so if you don’t know Jon, please check out his website at or contact him personally – he’s accessible and real, and the leader we need to take us forward.  I am proud to support him.

Kerri Dorman, Yountville