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Letter: Crawford is the best choice for sheriff

Napa Valley Register | May 5, 2022

As an educator, I have worked with hundreds of law enforcement officers around the nation, and Jon Crawford is one of the finest. He is the best choice to be Napa County’s next sheriff.

Jon never gets angry even when there is plenty of provocation that would justify it. His demeanor remained calm, cool, and collected even when forced out as undersheriff for having the temerity to run for sheriff. I do not think our county government would not have entered into a financial settlement if there was not a significant risk of legal exposure for that move.

Crawford’s professionalism throughout was exemplary. I’ve never heard him speak a negative word about his opponent, and he has thoughtful plans for the Sheriff’s Office for the next four years.

Jon’s exceptional career in law enforcement and deep connections to the community will serve us well. He has worked his way up the ranks and knows the job well from patrol to senior levels of law enforcement. For three years as undersheriff he oversaw daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office, helping our community cope with multiple disasters.

I met Jon as part of my Leadership Napa Valley class and found him to be a highly capable leader, deeply committed to Napa County. We serve together on the LNV board, where he is a thoughtful and energetic partner. Jon Crawford has earned my support for Napa County sheriff, and as ballots will be delivered soon, I hope Napa County voters will join me in voting for him.

Robert J. Van Der Velde


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