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Letter: Jon Crawford will hold Napa, himself accountable as sheriff

Napa Valley Register | May 7, 2022

As a former member of the Napa County Sheriff’s Department, for 29 years to be exact, I have an interest in the current race for sheriff.
I have read about it in the newspapers, watched the debates and forums on Zoom and discussed it with members of the community and my former colleagues, both working and retired. I know and worked with both candidates for many years and watched their careers up to this race.

In my opinion, Jon Crawford and Oscar Ortiz are both valuable and productive members of the department and the community. That being said, when it comes to the office of the sheriff, I believe Jon Crawford is the better candidate for many reasons. For the purposes of this letter I will touch on just one reason: Accountability.

During my many conversations over the years with Jon, I have learned that he possesses a strong belief in accountability, certainly for himself, but also for those who work for him.

He understands that the sometimes overused phrase, “held to a higher standard,” is more than a catch phrase used in conversations about law enforcement, it is a very real practice and one that the public expects and deserves. Jon lives by that higher standard every day of his life and as sheriff he will set an example with the expectation that members of the department will also work with that “higher standard,” at the forefront of their actions both on and off-duty.

As proud as I was to work for the Napa Sheriff’s Department for those many years, there were occasions when an employee committed missteps that needed to be addressed. As a manager it can be difficult to address issues and recommend corrective or disciplinary actions, but a manager cannot shy away from that responsibility; both the health of the department and maintaining the publics’ trust are at stake. Jon Crawford understands that. He won’t be afraid to make tough decisions, no matter what the issue may be, and that is one of the cornerstones of good leadership.

Thank you for your time and vote for Jon Crawford.

Gene Lyerla

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