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Letter: To the sheriff’s race players, please come clean to Napa County voters

Napa Valley Register | May 8, 2022

Thank you, John Prescott, for shining a bright light on the fascinating race for Napa County sheriff, and thank you, Napa Valley Register, for publishing Mr. Prescott’s letter.
To summarize what we know, so far: Former Sheriff Robertson fired undersheriff Jon Crawford because the latter started a campaign to become the next sheriff of Napa County. Apparently, Jon Crawford was punished for his audacity of seeking higher office that he is solidly qualified to assume. Oscar Ortiz was moved up from American Canyon to fill the temporarily vacant position of Napa County Sheriff. Now both gentlemen, Jon Crawford and Oscar Ortiz, are poised to ask for Napa County residents’ votes so that one of them can become our sheriff.

The Board of Supervisors approved a $500,000 payment to former undersheriff Jon Crawford. The way this payment was made does not pass the smell test. Why was the payment made, when Mr. Crawford’s firing was supposedly legal? Why did the Board of Supervisors approve the payment rather than working to rectify the situation? I can see what I believe to be the answer written in the sky: The Board of Supervisors paid half a million dollars to a former undersheriff to save the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Is it a given that Mr. Crawford would have prevailed handsomely if matters had progressed to a wrongful termination lawsuit?

For most people living in this county, $500,000 is not exactly chicken feed. So, isn’t it time for the powers that be to come out from behind their iron-clad, bulletproof nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements to inform the voters how this strange deal was conceived?

I hope that the process of finding the answer here will not incur hundreds of billable hours from expensive law firms to spin the wheels of justice – very slowly, mind you — until the race for the Sheriff’s Office is over — and interest in this mind-boggling sequence of events has vaned.
All of Napa County will benefit when well-informed voters cast their ballots. Former Sheriff Robertson, Board of Supervisors, and any other players in this charade, won’t you come clean with Napa County voters — please? Why not reassure the Napa County tax payers that their hard-earned tax dollars are not being squandered?

Maren Daglia

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