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Napa County would be well served by Jon Crawford

Napa Valley Register | July 16, 2021

I have known Jon Crawford since we were in grade school together, and I am proud to offer my support to him and his campaign to be elected Napa County sheriff.

Jon has never been the type to seek the spotlight. For example in football, he played offensive line. He was always protective and accurate with his blocks, which allowed others to succeed.

Also, when it came time for school productions of various musicals, Jon was part of the technical crew, once again providing support so that the performers could shine.

When I left Napa to join the Air Force, I felt better knowing that Jon would be there for my family if they needed him. The core values of the United States Air Force are integrity first, service before self and excellence in all that you do.

While Jon did not serve in the Air Force, I am confident that as the undersheriff, he modeled those values. Napa County would be well served with Jon Crawford as the Sheriff.

Paul Nickerson

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