Press Release

Statement from Jon Crawford on His Termination from the Napa County Sheriff’s Department

June 14, 2021

Napa, CA – Candidate for Napa County Sheriff Jon Crawford released the following statement in response to his politically-motivated termination from the Napa County Sheriff’s Office:

“On Saturday, after 22 years with the Napa County Sheriff’s Office, I was officially terminated.  The only reason for my termination is politics.

I love Napa County. This is where I was raised and where my wife and I are raising our children. Over the last 22 years I have dedicated myself to this county, its residents, visitors and workers.  I have worked hard to ensure that all of my efforts brought nothing but honor to those whom I served, the County government, the Sheriff’s Office, my profession and my family.  Ironically one of the cornerstones of my campaign to be the next elected Sheriff is that political considerations should not be the determining factor for anything related to law enforcement.  Law enforcement should only be driven by what is right and true.  Unfortunately, this recent action taken against me is just another indication that our County government is dysfunctional and not serving residents as well as it could due to petty politics on many levels.

In January of 2023, I plan to be sworn in as the Sheriff of Napa County and end as much of this nonsense as possible within the scope of my job. I am not running for any kind of revenge. I am running because I am the most qualified person to serve as Sheriff and will do that with your support.

Thank you for all of the encouragement in the weeks since I announced my candidacy.  I hope that those of you who know me well, know what my response will be to this development.  I will keep my head up and keep moving forward.”

Jon Crawford previously announced his 2022 campaign for Napa County Sheriff. For more information, visit